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"We are very different, but these differences bring us closer. We are both very emotional people. Khrystyna is like a light, she rushes to her goal faster than anyone, she does not look back, and life without a goal or a plan is her nightmare. I'm more about enjoying the moment, I really like details and organizing things around me. She is risk taker, I the one who consider things. She pushes me forward, I teach her how to relax."




How everything have started

"Our relationship history is colourful and bright. Photography is not just what we do,  live for and what we are inspired by. We met each other because of it and photography connected us. We met at my sisters wedding, Teodor was photographing it.  He says it was love at first sight, but I think he is just flattering me. We used to take long walks through the city, competing who saw things first, and who is eligible to photograph it. For all trips, cameras were always packed first. We where photographing life around us and each other with all the love we had in hour hearts. We where using everything we had to capture surrounding world: iPhones, digital cameras film cameras. It didn't matter for us what to use, the most important thing was the fun that we had doing this."



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"In my free time , I like to paint with oils, to sketch and  to make all kinds lists and lists. Teodor enjoys hiking and listening to podcasts on everything, starting from history up to the US transportation system problems. Together we like to travel, to read books sitting next to each other on the sofa, watch  cinema, cook and eat delicious food, listen to our vinyl collection, and we love raise our children together."



"Family is the main value for us. Melania and Kyrylo are our little friends who motivate us the most (sometimes, of course, we want to send them to the North Pole). They are two different worlds for us. Observing their growth bring us the greatest joy. It's because of them we started to look at the family photography from totally new, warm and gentle perspective."



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"We love to do single day trips on hour car. Favourite part of this is to plan a trip, wake early, stop by at a petrol station for sweets and coffee and we always make sure to put our favourite music on"



"When Melania was born, Teodor began filming the chronicles of our life Each year before her birthday, Teodor assembles the entire year's material into one big video and this is became our family tradition to watch it with entire family and guests on the day oh her birthday.  Sins then we fully realized the strength of videography, and decided to share this joy with others by creating video products for our clients."



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