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I photograph happy people who are in love, have fire in their eyes and wind in their hair. For whom professionalism, experience and individuality are most important. My photos are alive and about people, about their smiles, their love, emotions and their lifestyle. In the first place I put  people and communication with them during the shooting.  Light, atmosphere, location and imagery are important components, but without personalities photography loses its meaning.


Speaking of me, I'm inspired by travel, good movies, rock 'n' roll, self-development, my family and of course photography. I love cooking spicy food, working on a laptop surrounded by nature, listening to music loudly, dreaming about the future, and setting goals for those dreams. For me, my clients and overall service and client experience are as important as my photography skills. I value most in my business: communication, responsibility, quality of work, kindness and relationships with people.




I will be glad to meet you and to have an opportunity to tell your story in my photos.




Teodor Zozulia

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Peter F.

I had a pleasure to work with this man. I love the harmony of these photos in our chaotic times. If you would like to have great souvenir, surely it is the person who will help you to stop the time for a moment.