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How we think about weddings

We look at every wedding day very intentionally. We know that the time on your wedding day is extremely important, and spending it with your family and friends is your priority.

We think about the two of you, your time, the space, the light, and what we know about the day. Then on the day we are inspired by the energy, the details and the emotion we think about how it feels and allow that to translate into the photographs.

About our style

Our style is documentary. We don't like annoying posing and try to avoid it as much as possible. We like to observe and to affect scene more with indirect instructions. We crop hands and heads, sometimes we tilt the frame to the side, sometimes we blur images and also choose out of focus photos. For us most important is the atmosphere, a micro moment, a hair blown by the wind, or a finger touching the ear. But we also understand importance of more formal photos where everyone looks into the camera and where everyone looks just perfect. We call them "fireplace photos" or "photos for  your grandma" and we have mastered these photos as well.

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We love going through the photos or to watch wedding videos with our clients. To hear real time feedback, to look at their smiles, their tears of joy, hear their laughter and see the love in their eyes.  This stage is the most exciting for us.

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