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To have fun

Our approach for family sessions is focused on your energy and love as a family. We want you  you to have a fun and to have relaxed session where we will capture images that you will not only cherish and enjoy for years to come, but to also create tangible memories that become your legacy.

We don’t strive for perfect smiles or perfect homes, because it isn’t realistic and kids do not find that fun. (nor do many adults). For us it is important to tell your story as honest as possible. Family photos should have moments of calm, moments of laughter, and of course moments of tears. We explore together and have the best time. For in-home sessions, we will explore a bit and find the best light and then move things if needed. 

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Lifestyle family photography is perfect for the family who loves to have fun and be playful. Our focus is always on connection, love, and laughter. Our style involves prompting you into specific actions, but not rigid posing. 

We believe people photograph best when they are at ease. Our sessions are very relaxed and we try to enjoy our time together. We make every effort for children to have fun during my sessions. It’s a play based approach and it always works.

And most importantly we share the same family values that you do. We truly understand importance of family photographs. We care a lot about photo journal of our own family, about it's security, about storing and printing photos, and we want to share that passion with you.

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